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3 Simple Game Changers for Moms

Under a lot of stress? If you’re a mom, then the answer is YES.

Nothing ages you faster than having kids. And then add on layers of chronic stress and lack of shut eye and you’re pretty much doomed. You’ve got two choices; skip the self care of just get ‘er done.

So pull up your mom jeans and get a grip with  3 easy things to help you chill better than Netflix and a bottle of wine.

  1. Follow your breath for as long as you can. Back of your mind, multitasking momma bear that you are, now you also are in a constant state of observing your breath.   Obvi- you won’t always be aware. That’s the practice. Keep bringing yourself back to your breathing again and again.
  2. Take some time each and every day to do what YOU love. Even if it ends up being only for five to ten minutes your mind, body and soul need time to restore and this helps create an overall sense of balance.  This is about you cultivating a sense of vibrancy from the inside.
  3. Move your body! Don’t want to haul the kids to child watch? Hop on over to my online teaching platform. No credit card needed, just a simple sign in and BAM! You’ve got access to all my free audio practices which you can do in your pajamas!  Short, simple, and practical.