Sarah Higgins

I provide yoga and health coaching services for today’s busy moms.

I’ve always been attracted to health and wellness industries, (probably because I’ve had to do soooo much inner work and healing on myself including disordered eating, depression, anxiety, transforming  trauma of sexual assault into teaching and helping others heal) and then yoga saved my everything when I became a mom nearly 16 years ago. I’ve grown our nest to three kids and one large happy dog, and I do it all with yoga and a healthy lifestyle.

My favorite groups to teach are the mom groups. Right? Because I’m a mom and when we connect we lift each other up. These conversations and connections are the sustenance which keep me going strong as a mom. The struggles with teaching at a studio are real! Between scheduling, ideal locations, childcare availability, sick kids, school schedules, and the plain truth that sometimes it’s a pain in the butt to lug everybody around just so I can take or teach a class.

Then it hit me: teaching online allows me to teach what I know and love, and allows me to connect with moms like you all over the place. It makes it easier for all of us to practice when it works for us.  Sure, we don’t get coffee together after class, and sometimes you just need a brick and mortar studio practice, but everyday we connect online when we want. Pretty much like our kids are connecting with their friends.

My specialty is helping moms like you thrive because it’s what helps me keep my mojo going as a full time mom and lifelong entrepreneurial creative soul and truthfully, you all are helping me be a better mom.

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Ready to practice online? Hop on over to my teaching platform and create a free account (seriously, it’s so easy!) No credit card needed, no obligation, no fuss, no muss. Just practical, simple, and short practices geared for moms.

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