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Cranky Mom Mood Booster

Kids are so tuned into our moods-so when we get cranky we gotta do something ’bout that.

Start by being realistic.  Keep your self care practices short and simple, like this breath practice.

Choose a spot that isn’t covered in legos, burp cloths, or animal hair. Whatever-let’s be real.

Set  timer for 5 minutes to take off any  irritable edges of “one more thing to do”.  The point is to do it and get it done. Like the dishes, yo.

  • Get as comfortable as your stiff nursing, baby wearing shoulders and tight IT band will allow.
  • Become aware of YOUR body, not the ones attached to, or crawling all over you. Use your supermom listening skills like when you  check in on your napping baby.
  • Focus on your inhales and exhales, not the baby’s.
  • Just keep your attention on your breath. Your Breath, not Sore Breasts.
  • Anything  and everything you observe about your breath counts, and there is no right or wrong way.
  • Try not to induce panic at this point.
  • Say to yourself:  my breathing is deep enough and good enough.
  • Say to yourself: I’ve so got this.

Keep redirecting your thoughts back to your breath until your timer goes off,  the shit hits the fan, or at least until your cranky gets turned down a few notches.

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