Keto Roasted Chicken


Not only is roasting your own chicken tasty af, it’s also easy on the family budget. If you’ve never done this before, it’s really not that involved-I was super surprised how easy and fast the whole process was my first roast around. The best part about roasting your own chicken is that you get to make your own chicken stock or bone broth, which is like your kitchen elixir-the secret sauce for every other awesome-sauce you make during the week.

Now, there are oodles of ways to roast chicken and I’m certainly not an expert.  I just think I’m a pretty good cook.  And maybe that’s exactly what the unlisted ingredient is here: confidence.

Confidence in the kitchen will make the love burst through in your flavors, plus confidence just puts everyone else at ease, amiright? Here’s my go-to method for fast, simple, and lip smacking chicken the whole family loves.


  • One whole chicken, gizzards optional. This recipe does not include gizzard instructions yet-that’s a future post because I’m still experimenting. And yes, I like to eat the gizzards.  Buy the best bird your money can buy. Organic, grass fed, hormone free, antibiotic free really does make for a better tasting bird and broth and you’ll get a lot of food mileage out of this savory treat.
  • Olive Oil
  • Himalayan Sea Salt
  • Freshly ground pepper
  • Fresh bundle of Rosemary, sage, thyme
  • 2 large yellow onions
  • 2 large carrots (these will be base and add flavor to broth, and also my kids love these soft, chicken dripping saturated nuggets from the earth. I skip them to stay keto, and what the kids don’t eat gets added to the stock I’ll make from the bones.)
  • 1 lemon


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Chop onions into quarters, saving the ends and peels for stock
  • Chop carrots into quarters, saving ends for stock
  • Rinse herbs and pat dry. Divide bundle in half and reserve half for stock
  • Quarter the lemon

The next steps get a bit messy-I like to work with a partner, so I can have one set of hands on the poultry, and another set helping me season.

  • Remove chicken from wrapper and rinse
  • Pat dry with paper towels
  • Rub the chicken with olive oil
  • Rub a generous amount of salt and pepper inside, outside, and all around your new King of the Kitchen.
  • Build a layer of onions and carrots on the bottom of your roasting pan and set your chicken on top, breast side down.
  • Add some onions, a wedge of lemon, and one of the bundles of herbs into the cavity of the chicken. Say thank you.
  • Cover your pan with a lid or tin foil
  • Let roast until your home starts to smell amazing and the kids start asking what’s for dinner. (each bird depends on cooking time. use a meat thermometer to make sure your meats are at the right temperature before consuming, but you knew that already)
  • For the last 10-15 minutes, cook uncovered, so the skin can turn golden brown and glistens. I like to see the skin pulling away from the bones, and the juices running clear.
  • Let rest for at least 20 minutes-that’s when all the flavor comes out.  Or, just let it cool all the way if you are using the meat for other recipes, like this scrumptious Keto Thai Soup
  • Save the bones, drippings, and vegetables for making broth

See-isn’t that easy?  You could season this chicken in lots of different ways. Experiment, be bold, and try new things! Keto cooking is fun!



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