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Stress Embracement Studio

Skip the travel time and experience private stress embracing practices with contemplative and somatic guided experiences. Choose from mindful movements, daily actions, mindset growth,  breath exercises, and other beneficial practices designed to help you restore your nervous system. Learn how to benefit in healthy mental, physical and spiritual ways from stress.  Check out my free 5 Day Stress Embracement Challenge to protect, re-kindle and preserve your inner fire.

5 Day Stress Embracement Challenge

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Hi! I'm Sarah Higgins founder of MINDBODYSOUL, and online stress embracement studio offers stress embracement services in person and online. I used to say "stress management", but shifted gears towards experiencing stress as a powerful energy to embrace and benefit from rather than a burden to me managed. I got sick of running out of time and energy and learned how to reclaimed my time, space and right to inner peace and great health.  These are your rights too! Together, we can make a difference in our wellbeing, for our family, and for our communities.


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Mindful Employee Wellness

I work one on one with wellness directors, deans, insurance brokers and city administrators to create in person and online mindfulness based employee wellness services.  Ask me about my popular lunch and learns, keynote speaking events, webinars and hybrid stress embracement add ons. Visit my website to learn more.

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Sarah Higgins

I'm a professional corporate, municipal and academic mindfulness based stress disruptor and educator.  Currently offering in person workshops, keynote presentations, online and hybrid mindfulness based stress management and mindful movement programs. I am proud to call Madison, WI home for my family of 5 and sweet pupper.

Heal your MIND.  Love your BODY.  Soothe your SOUL.


MINDBODYSOUL Online Bonus Practices

Access 8 short click and play audio practices you can listen to at anytime from any device. Choose from energy boosting, contemplative guided relaxations or even breathing practices to help you clear your energy. Practices are short, free and are designed to help you reconnect with your truest self, no matter what you're going through or who you are.

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