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Online Wellness Retreat

Skip the travel and extra expenses and experience an online retreat from the comfort of your own home. Fluid art, guided meditations, mindful movement practices, creative writing and live small group discussions create a conduit in which we return again to our authentic sense of self.  In this online wellness retreat you will experience a shift back to your innate sense of goodness and grace.  We'll use a combination of positive mindset shifts and embodiment practices to rejuvenate your creative side and to nourish your mind, body and soul.  Online classes forming now. Click link below to reserve your spot.

Online Wellness Retreat
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Work with Sarah

Hi! I'm Sarah, founder of MINDBODYSOUL online, in person and hybrid models of stress disrupting practices and education. From live in-person events to providing services for corporate, academic environments and municipalities I'm here to help you grow a meaningful mindfulness based stress management lifestyle. Email me at Sarah@onlineemployeewellness to schedule a complimentary discovery call.


Online Employee Wellness

I work one on one with wellness directors, deans, insurance brokers and city administrators to create online mindfulness based employee wellness packages for government, corporate and academic institutions. My services and fees vary upon your organizational needs and growth objectives.

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Sarah Higgins

I'm a professional corporate, municipal and academic mindfulness based stress disruptor and educator.  Currently offering in person workshops, keynote presentations, online and hybrid mindfulness based stress management and mindful movement programs. I am proud to call Madison, WI home for my family of 5 and sweet pupper.

Heal your MIND.  Love your BODY.  Soothe your SOUL.


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