sarah higgins: professional yoga instructor, content creator and passionate keto cook.


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There's no manual for parents (yet) but there are guided relaxations and super short yoga sequences on my online teaching platform! Escape from mom-ing  for some necessary self care and quickly recharge your mind, body and soul right from the privacy of your own space.

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I collaborate for start ups, influence on social,  facilitate sections of yoga teacher trainings and can offer yoga alliance continuing education classes. I've helped create and launch eating disorder recovery trainings, online yoga teacher training courses and have led retreats for women and business teams. I'm an adjunct faculty member at Madison College where I teach students courses called Stress Management Foundations and Beginning Yoga.

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Are you a Keto newbie or Keto-curious looking for ways to create and sustain a healthy ketogenic lifestyle? Breaking sugar and carb cravings, negative body image, and even unmanaged stress can make getting into and staying in ketosis more complicated. Follow me on Instagram for daily stories on how I make low carb, sugar free foods for my family.

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Sarah Higgins

I provide authentic voice training to yoga teachers, ketogenic lifestyle coaching to keto enthusiasts, and stress management + wellness content for start up businesses.

I get pretty geeky with preventative health and wellness practices, particularly keto, eating disorder recovery, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, stress management and resilience building. Areas of specialty include:

  • Creating relevant content
  • Balancing parenting with work and play and teaching others how to do the same
  • Providing students stress management, and resilience training for work and home environments
  • Providing coping skills for disordered eating, keto way of eating, anxiety and stress
  • Providing end users processes for developing preventative and healing self care practices
  • Facilitating change and forward thinking ideas
  • Public speaking, group facilitation and teaching teachers.
  • Personal wellbeing and happiness, yoga, relaxation, stress management, and mindfulness meditation.

As a lifelong entrepreneurial creative, I enjoy helping people find their purpose, unlock their voice, and create their confidence.


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