sarah higgins: health coaching to help you love your MIND, support your BODY, and soothe your SOUL

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One to one virtual coaching packages for positive behavior change. These health coaching sessions are not therapy, or counseling. They are designed to help individuals ready to thrive in their personal, professional and creative lives.  Using a mindfulness based approach, I guide and support each individual through a series of Mind, Body, and Soul centered themes and practices to help you develop the vision of whom you most want to be.  You'll build your systems, and learn the tools to get you from where you are now to where you most want to be with your health and wellbeing.

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Hello!  I'm Sarah Higgins, founder of MINDBODYSOUL. After 15 years of teaching professional yoga and mindfulness based stress management in corporate, private, and academic settings, I've turned to online coaching to focus on specifically helping individuals that are ready to go from surviving towards thriving. Currently booking virtual online private health and lifestyle coaching for 2021. Customizable packages and pricing available ranging from $75-125/hour.


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Employee Wellness Coach

My professional educational background is in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Corporate Wellness Management. I work virtually with Human Resources, Wellness Directors, Insurance Brokers and City Administrators and Educator to help your management team source effective and meaningful employee wellness resources. Visit to learn more, or contact me here.

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Sarah Higgins

I'm a professional corporate, municipal and academic mindfulness based stress disruptor and educator.  Following my passion with online coaching for survivors who are ready to thrive. I am proud to call Madison, WI home for my family of 5 and two fur babies.

Heal your MIND.  Love your BODY.  Soothe your SOUL.